26 Jun
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Planters for Nominated People

Over the last 2 weeks we have been working hard preparing the planters that people have been nominated with the children from Lidget Green Primary School. We have been out delivering them and have had a really good feedback from local residents who really appreciate the effort that had gone into them, here is a comment  from a local resident.
“I overwhelmed I’ve just had Matthew and Amir here from Scholemoor Beacon to tell me I was nominated to receive this beautiful planter because of what I’ve been through the planter was made in Keighley by young people learning wood work the plants were planted by the children of Lidget Green first school and I was nominated by Caroline to try make me smile because she thinks I deserve it I’m in bits and feel so humble that someone would think of me like that. So much work has gone into that. Thank you so very much xxx.”

Trevor Dean
Trevor Dean
Employed by Scholemoor Beacon as a voluntary Website Administrator.

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